MediaMerx - Video Platform for International Markets

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Connects media owners and broadband providers worldwide.
The first content exchange for all buyers and sellers.
Access free, local and premium broadband channels.
Level Monthly Benefit
SportPass.TV Sponsorship $1,000 (ISP)

$2,500 (Telco)

$5,000+ (Carrier)

Brand. Differentiate your offering with video.

Audience. Provide your customers with exclusive access.

Advertising. Sell sponsorships around local channels.

Analytics. Learn customer preferences, trends and habits.

MMX Platform Subscription $2,000 (ISP)

$5,000 (Telco)

$10,000+ (Carrier)

Localize. Add and customize local video channels.

Vendor. Sell channels to local businesses or brand.

Depth. Browse and add channels from or YouTube.